This bar restaurant is located in the historic Boqueria market in Barcelona. It has been a family business for over 100 years.

It’s a small place with three floors of about 40 m2 each.

The basement is designed to store and wash, the access floor is occupied by the open kitchen and the bar. Finally, on the first floor there is a small salon and the toilets can also be found here. With Andalusian airs, this restaurant has two clearly defined sectors.

The ground floor has access to the Rambla, from La Boqueria and from the corridor connecting LAS RAMBLAS with the market. The idea was to make this restaurant a typical food stall from these markets. That’s why the bar as the staircase outside of the Laurentian Library, occupies much of the plant and only leaves room for a corridor for diners and a small backslash. The place quickly overflows with two or three rows of diners making this space a typical bar food in these markets. The open kitchen is located so as to see first hand both from the premises and from the Ramblas. Andalusian air is given by the choice of finishing materials. The walls are plastered and aged, tuff espigatum to manually placed in the ground, white marble for the envelope of the bar. Above the bar, accompanied by their shape, we have designed a bottle exhibitor. It serves as an exhibitor, storage and kitchen support and a structure to support the two barrels of beer.


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Óscar Manresa es intrépido: su negocio número seis es Casa Guinart, ultramarinos de la Boqueria desde 1899 que ha transformado en tapería, asociado con el heredero, David Moya, nieto de la señora Guinart, vendedora con mandil almidonado. Betlem, en la calle de Girona, inició la metamorfosis de los colmados.

Un mes de obras y un mes de apertura: ya tiran a escape libre. A Óscar le va el lío («esto es sencillo, eh») y anuncia mientras sirve anchoas con pan de cristal de Concept Pa –soy fan de la creación de Jordi Nomen–, que también ha aparcado sus guisos en el bar de la tienda de Harley Davidson. Como una moto.

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